We are in the middle of a transition to a New Reality. In this Reality, man and its natural environment are in the centre. In this new Reality we are driven by values such as Intuition, Empathy, Creativity and Coherence. This will strongly influence us, our society, our economy and the companies and organizations we are involved with. The New Reality demands a new form of leadership: Authentic, Connective and Result Driven.

What We Offer
New Reality Proof connects the present and the new. We connect your ideas and projects with this New Reality. We help you to make the translation to that new economic and social context. We can connect you to the ecosystem of other Future Proof Leaders. And on a personal level we can help you to connect with your authentic self.

We help you to assess whether your new business concept, your strategy or the change in direction of your company or organization is future-proof? Tailored to the New Reality? You can discuss this with us. Do you need future-proof boardroom counselling or future –proof scenarios? Out-of-the-box solutions? Sustainable action perspectives? Then we’re happy to support you. We help you or your organization to embrace the New Reality.

What We Believe
We believe in the New Reality. Beaten paths are abandoned. Through a growing Awareness, through more Inner Wisdom and acceptance of Personal Sovereignty, Man and consequently our Society and Economy are transforming into a new equilibrium. We move from the third to the fifth dimension of being. From Polarization to Oneness.

The new values on which we are going to build our existence are: Creativity, Intuition, Empathy, Loving, Connection, Collaboration, Community, Self-determination and Coherence.

Top-down imposed Collectivity and Solidarity make way for Individual and Personal solutions. Central Regime for Local Governance. Top-down for Bottom-up management structures. The Linear for a Circular Economy. We move from the Left hemisphere to the Right hemisphere of the brain. Towards a restoration of the balance between Male and Female.

Structure, Security and Stability give way to Wonderment, Curiosity and Self-awareness. All this is driven by our Commons Sense and Consciousness of the present Reality. There is a willingness to Cooperate and we offer action-driven Perspective towards those who are actively engaged in this Renewal.

It is our vision that everything is connected to everything. We take a holistic approach to the developments, opportunities and threats related to the New Reality. We look at the whole of the facets from which man, society and the economy are built. Where does the cause lie? What is the consequence? What is the most logical solution or direction in the light of our New Reality? Our approach is people-oriented, integral and multidisciplinary. We are result-driven.

Who We Are
New Reality Proof. Is an initiative of management whisperer Meino Zandwijk (1959) and freethinker Kim Tjoa (1965). Two seasoned entrepreneurs and visionaries. Pioneers, who with their companies have been active in the new reality for more than ten years. Lateral thinking is part of their DNA.

Meino started his career in telecommunications and IT. He is one of the founders of Dutch (2001) a project management organisation. In addition, he is at the cradle of a large number of companies focused on social and sustainable impact. In 2015 his book ‘De Directiefluisteraar’ (The Management Whisperer), an inspiration book for entrepreneurs containing interviews with creative people who successfully use the right sight of their brain.

Kim started his career in the legal profession in 1994 and later worked as an interim lawyer. He is one of the founders of FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button (2012), an international online platform where companies and organizations can share their assets with each other and of HeelNederlandDeelt (2015). Two circular business models. In 2011 Kim published his book ‘Personal Awareness and Free Market, 26 Insights for a New Way of Life’. In this book Kim shares his insights about people and society. Intuition, Responsibility, Freedom and the Free Market Economy are the central themes of this book.

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